Posted: July 12, 2013 4:52 PM by Dvan

Kenny: 55 min until the IT technician who sits behind me gets s**tcand
Kenny: can't wait to take his shiny sony vaio
Dvan: oh wow really?
Kenny: yeah heh he's part time and probably like 23
Kenny: but wears headphones all day / not a team player
Dvan: is he the nail clippy dude?
Kenny: YES OMG
Kenny: YAY
Kenny: i forgot about that, that will be nice
Kenny: it was kind of nice having a lackey for a while, i had him call UPS and deal with their datacenter not having authorization to use our account number crap
Dvan: heh
Kenny: he had to repeat the account number probably 10 times on that call
Kenny: owned
Kenny: lolo he's clipping right now, i heard his keys jingle so he must keap his clipper on them
Kenny: that explains y i could not find it the other day
Kenny: after he left i was searchin so i could disappear the tool
Kenny: now he will b the one disappearin
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