Home Invasion (almost)

Posted: August 06, 2013 1:16 PM by Dvan

Kenny: last night i was at the office @ 11pm and all the lights shut off
Kenny: i grabbed a screwdriver
Kenny: thought i was gonna get r8ped
Dvan: wtf
Kenny: that reminds me, some drunk guy tried invading my apt
Dvan: whoa really?!?
Kenny: ok check it, this is FREAKY
Dvan: Kenny get ur gun
Kenny: 1:30 am i'm in bed playing candy crush [bedtime ritual]
Kenny: window is open i hear a twig snap
Kenny: so i'm like well i'm not asleep yet, i get up and look out the window
Dvan: k
Kenny: all my lights are off
Dvan: yea
Kenny: i look down and see nothing, so i look up and across
Kenny: then i see the motion light turn on, and i look back down, and this dude is LOOKING RIGHT ATM E
Kenny: (i'm on the 2nd floor)
Kenny: not sure if he can see me cuz my lights are out
Dvan: hah
Dvan: yea
Kenny: although my blinds were shaking because i had to lift up a slat to look across
Dvan: shoulda get your gun and cocked it
Kenny: YEA
Kenny: anyway i freaked so i quickly moved away
Kenny: then i slowly moved back, and he was still there
Dvan: wtf
Kenny: then he walked away... and my doorbell goes DINGDONG DINGDONG
Kenny: !!! 1:30am
Dvan: uhhh
Kenny: i wanted to open up my security cams but if i turned the PC monitor on, it would flood the room w/ light
Kenny: so i didn't
Dvan: k
Kenny: so i hear the exterior DOOR open at the base of the stairs
Dvan: it's not locked?
Kenny: my apt door is at the top, i can see straight down out of the peephole
Kenny: nope haha
Kenny: cuz i'm lazy
Dvan: hah
Kenny: anyway i tiptoe to the door and look down and he like, starts to come in, but once he looks inside, thinks better of it
Kenny: turns around shuts door walks away
Kenny: F MAN
Kenny: that was so weird
Dvan: dude
Dvan: where was your gun?
Kenny: i wish he would have come all the way up
Kenny: in the drawer
Dvan: lol
Kenny: should have brought it w/ me when i tiptoed to the door
Dvan: yeah
Kenny: here's the way it should have gone down
Dvan: usually they don't like the sound of them. :)
Kenny: he comes up to the door, bangs on it
Kenny: i go WHAT DO YOU WANT
Kenny: (who knows what he says)
Kenny: he says, "u don't have a gun"
Kenny: then, I pause to make sure it's quiet, then rack the slide
Dvan: yup
Kenny: then he turns and runs
Kenny: that would be schweeeeet
Dvan: hehe
Kenny: i am quite curious if my gun could shoot through the door
Dvan: yeah but instead you froze up and freaked out like a little bitch.
Kenny: hmm yea :|
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