Posted: August 27, 2013 11:45 AM by Dvan

Kenny: "Thanks, George! Suzame, Atticus, and I will be there. Suspect Suzame will want to make something. . . probably desert"
Kenny: wtf? Suzame? Atticus? desert??
Kenny: bunch of weirdos i work w/
Dvan: wut?
Kenny: boss invited us to his "boat house" tonight
Kenny: oh "summer house" he calls it
Dvan: wow
Dvan: ok...
Kenny: i don't wanna go tho
Kenny: cuz i had an interview this morning
Kenny: heh heh
Kenny: maybe I will go, and show my weenor
Kenny: y/n ?
Dvan: hehe
Dvan: wait
Dvan: wut?
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