Posted: July 30, 2014 4:05 PM by Jon

Kenny: portland getting a meadery
Kenny: u jelly?
Kenny: today im going to look at a house next to migration brewery
Kenny: fixer-upper
Jon: Me jelly? No
Jon: We had a meadery. Now we have like 3 cideries
Jon: nice, next to a brewery
Jon: there goes your alcohol budget
Kenny: s**t
Kenny: i forgot i won't have an alcohol budget after i move in
Jon: well, mabye. With a fixer it's going to be cheaper, right?
Kenny: $307k
Jon: just forget any repairs and buy beer instead
Jon: WAT
Kenny: :| it's in a good location and has 2ba
Jon: that ain't no fixer-upper unless you like in Dubai or something
Kenny: it's by a brewery tho
Kenny: prime location
Kenny: so a roommate will want to be there
Kenny: i can get $700/mo
Jon: no way, it shouldn't be a fixer at that price damn
Jon: yeah I know how well you pick roommates
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