Posted: September 22, 2014 4:28 PM by Jon

Kenny: wat
Kenny: why does it say Abernathy now
Kenny: u going all formal on me?
Jon: I installed Skype because pidgin wasn't connecting to old MSN
Kenny: oh
Jon: thus far, not liking it
Kenny: mine still works
Kenny: hah yeah
Jon: it irritates me greatly that I have to install a video conferencing program to use IM for one service.
Jon: why the hell can't everyone use google talk
Jon: ...gtalk is based on jabber, and hangouts is awesome
Kenny: jibber jabber
Kenny: yeah i have heard of companies using hangouts lately
Jon: hangouts even has a drawing tool built in. It's great
Kenny: 3====D
Kenny: 3=m==D
Jon: now imagine if you could draw a better dick!
Jon: You'd be in heaven
Kenny: yea
Kenny: 3m====D
Kenny: 3=m===D
Kenny: 3==m==D
Kenny: 3===m=D
Kenny: 3====mD
Kenny: 3===m=D
Kenny: 3==m==D
Kenny: 3=m===D
Kenny: 3m====D
Kenny: 3=====D~~~~
Kenny: ?
Jon: really?
Kenny: Heh.
Kenny: WHOPS i just pasted that into the SA?N
Kenny: san
Jon: lol
Kenny: "ken why did you configure volume access from a server called three equals D?"
Jon: "Because I pulled the plug on that server"
Jon: you should send that to your girlfriend
Kenny: hmm yeah she has asked me to text and e-mail her more often during the week
Jon: haha
Jon: I'll bet that stops after you send it
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