Does Alexa like it too?

Posted: November 08, 2016 8:21 AM by Dvan

Kenny: so my parents came over so there has been a lot of chatter in my house more than usual
Dvan: huh
Dvan: "chatter"
Kenny: the freaking Amazon Dot, alexa has been poking her head in conversations she doens't belong
Kenny: i.e. false positives
Kenny: too bad
Dvan: It would be confusing if you had a relative named Alexa
Kenny: mostly the phrase "likes it"
Kenny: triggers Alexa
Dvan: oh wow
Kenny: and since I beat the s**t out of my cat and my parents watch in horror
Kenny: I have to remind them He Likes It
Dvan: wat
Dvan: are you a catbuser?
Kenny: my cat likes 2 be spanked
Kenny: he's into that
Dvan: uhhhhhhhh
Kenny: he likes it rough
Dvan: does he meow really sensually when you do that?
Kenny: yes
Dvan: .......................
Kenny: he cries for more
Dvan: <.<
Kenny: bro is this convo making u UnCoMfOrTaBlE?
Dvan: Actually, I'm not surprised at all.
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Well That took a wrong turn deep into the recesses of I don't wanna go there...

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