Beer Code

Posted: September 17, 2012 9:45 AM by Jon

Kenny: i almost bought Black Butte XXII but it had a date
Kenny: the date was 7/2013 so i was like cool
Kenny: BUT it says Best AFTER
Kenny: what-the-s**t
Jon: XXII? They recalled all of those bottles.
Kenny: WHATEVER NUMBER is the current one
Jon: Do you mean XXIV?
Jon: ah
Jon: yeah, those are 11% aged beers. They will get better with age.
Kenny: why would they sell a beer that can't be drank for a year!#%*$$@
Kenny: can i drink it now anyway?
Jon: It's as much a marketing thing as a beer geek thing
Jon: Of course you can drink it now, jesus
Kenny: I don't want to break some beer code
Kenny: some code of ethics
Jon: Do you follow every instruction on a label?
Kenny: i don't want Pliny the Elder to strike me down
Kenny: from mount olympus
Jon: OH you've already broken the beer code by loving on Rogue as much as you just did
Kenny: lol
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