Posted: February 05, 2013 10:25 AM by Jon

Kenny: i gues it's like wine, you know, you can have a $15 beer and a $5 beer and think they're the same or like the $5 one more
Jon: exactly
Jon: price does not indicate quality
Jon: I've paid some high prices for bad beer. And as a general rule of thumb, I won't ever pay more than $10-12 for a single bottle that I've never had before
Kenny: sure, the more expensive ones are a good conversation piece at a party though
Kenny: like I can buy people's affection at parties by bringing expensive beer
Kenny: "talk to me b/c u want a taste of this $25 beer"
Jon: no, it's more of a dick-wagging contest
Kenny: 3==========D
Kenny: not to scale
Jon: right, too big
Kenny: lol, ass
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