Posted: March 07, 2013 4:45 PM by Dvan

Kenny: last weekend i went to a friend's house and their roommate was making bouillabaise
Kenny: whole bunch of people congregated and finally it was ready to eat
Kenny: well it's freaking SOUP it's freaking HOT
Kenny: it's thin, and STEAMY BROTHY HOT
Dvan: ok
Kenny: so i am frustrated cuz i am hungry, i am blowing on it a lot and i start thinking about it and i say,
Kenny: (while holding my scaling spoon full) "Do you guys think it cools faster if you blow on it, or across it?"
Kenny: which I thought was BRILLIANT like a breakthrough/epiphany, this could change my life
Kenny: and instead the guy goes HOW ABOUT YOU STOP BEING A PUSSY AND JUST EAT IT
Kenny: W-T-F
Dvan: lol
Kenny: "Umm if I burn my mouth then I can't really enjoy food for 24 hours" is what I said
Kenny: seriously do I come off as an autistic freak or what?
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