Mechanically Separated Strawberry Milkshake

Posted: March 11, 2013 2:15 PM by Dvan

Kenny: last night i watched this documentary and it showed all these chickens being scooped up and made into meat and cows being milked with machines and i was like ohhhh horrible argh and then at the end they showed a high speed video of COSTCO and i was all oh, ok, that's cool, cuz costco is the s**t
Dvan: Wow horrible dude. Kinda like the picture you can find on the net of how McDonalds makes their Strawberry icecream colored Chicken McNuggets.
Kenny: wtf
Kenny: i guess they have fish nuggets now... that's asking for trouble
Dvan: that pic is chicken
Kenny: WHAT
Dvan: this is better
Kenny: ahhh wow
Kenny: mechanically separated chicken eh
Dvan: Yup. Looks tasty, like a strawberry milk shake, right? NOPE.
Kenny: yeah that is freaky :|
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