The Sheldon Principle

Posted: March 13, 2013 3:06 PM by Palehorse

Kenny: wow, one of the sales clowns in the seattle office is demanding that we buy him a robot with an iPad face to represent him in meetings
Mike: So when you say "demanding", you mean actually demanding?
Mike: Do these people actually exist?
Kenny: yeah he was not like, " I think this would be cool", instead he said, "I need this"
Mike: I didn't realize our office was so "normal" compared to other places
Kenny: yeah your office is awesome, family company
Kenny: the s**t here is so idiotic
Kenny: they sent out an all-staff e-mail that some random graphics guy got a PowerPoint 2010 certification
Kenny: I think because everyone hates the IT department
Kenny: yesterday, my boss threw away some poor girl's lunch
Kenny: he said "it was green"
Kenny: she said "It was salsa."
Kenny: he got in trouble for parking in the other company's parking stall
Kenny: in the bathroom there is paper towel shreds all over
Kenny: bunch of animals
Kenny: sometimes in there i play this game, "Is this condensation, or is it piss?"
Kenny: to be fair I do remember smart solutions had an issue with piss on the seat
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