Korean War

Posted: April 08, 2013 1:00 PM by Dvan

Kenny: I heard Korea was pissed off @ us, not just in StarCraft, like RAM prices might go up etc, so i google Korean War and I get some crap that happened in 1953???
Dvan: *facepalm*
Dvan: Yeah my Dad went to Korea just after that war ended to help fix equipment and stuff.
Kenny: I just ate at the Korean BBQ foodcart, should I boycott or fire bomb??
Dvan: wtf
Dvan: you know there's TWO Koreas, right?
Kenny: not sure the protocol, i guess we could make internment camps too
Dvan: WOW
Kenny: if that's still trendy i don't know
Kenny: which korea makes hello kitty and keroppi?
Kenny: hopefully the good one cuz those guys r cute
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