Holding your liquor

Posted: April 22, 2013 2:01 PM by Jon

Kenny: also i drank the north coast class of 88, which was good, but my idiot friend made SOUP for dinner so i vommed
Kenny: what the f**k pussy drinking food SOUP
Kenny: but not wanting to insult the host i accepted
Kenny: then ruined his garden so i guess i should have pushed back on the SOUP idea
Kenny: well i don't really know what it ended up looking like in the daylight
Jon: um
Jon: why would soup make you vomit?
Kenny: nothing to soak up the alc
Jon: you sure that's a flaw in the soup?
Kenny: what am i going to do, not drink?
Jon: so wait... you had 1 bottle of barleywine and got so hammered you destroyed his garden?
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