Beer Snob Fail

Posted: June 03, 2013 11:02 AM by Jon

Kenny: oh also , i been dumping out the last half inch or so of beer in my bottles
Kenny: just cuz it tastes nasty
Kenny: cuz it's always warm
Kenny: when you've got a CASE of inversion in the fridge, why drink the last warm oz?
Kenny: that's a true beer snob
Jon: No, that's a beertard
Kenny: wat
Jon: that bottom of the bottle is the yeasty nutrient portion
Kenny: hah
Jon: helps prevent hangovers
Jon: true beer snobs would swirl the bottles to get it and pour that into their glass
Jon: and wait, are you DRINKING FROM THE BOTTLE????
Kenny: s**t
Kenny: i don't want to dirty a glass
Jon: Beer snob fail
Kenny: damn
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