Posted: October 23, 2013 2:27 PM by Jon

Kenny: now that i have a girlfriend i can just bring her & keep her on a tight leash!
Jon: lol sure, sure, that's how it works
Jon: more like she's keeping YOU on the tight leash
Jon: but you may not even know it
Kenny: she won meet & greet with macklemore, said i could come if i was interested (!!)
Kenny: got my pic taken but i was really nervous so my smile was forced
Kenny: name dropped a mutual friend but then by their reaction i don't think they really like this friend
Kenny: said he was my "homey" because i heard the black guy in their band say that a few minutes earlier and i liked how it sounded
Kenny: also stole a bottled water from the green room, im going to try and sell it on eBay as memorabilia
Jon: oh jeez. So let's see, you faked a smile while meeting Macklemore, referenced a friend he doesn't like using black slang that you've never used before.
Jon: winning!
Jon: lol
Kenny: yea
Jon: and stole from the green room.
Jon: and by "winning!" I'm being ironic
Kenny: :|
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