Cray Cray

Posted: February 18, 2014 3:28 PM by Dvan

Kenny: wo0, just survived a meeting with my boss
Kenny: so i can relax for another week
Dvan: hehe
Kenny: im getting closer to a job
Kenny: they want to give me a `personality test`
Dvan: heh
Kenny: it's a non-senior position though
Kenny: it even says "reports to senior sys admin"
Kenny: wat i ain't takin no orders from another sys admin
Kenny: :|
Dvan: And thats why they want a personality test.
Kenny: o dam
Kenny: im' not an idiot, i can work the system
Dvan: Don't be cray cray
Kenny: i can hide the crazy
Kenny: i dream about shooting my boss but im going to score all, "plays well with others" "caring and considerate" on this s**t
Dvan: and cray cray
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