The Karmatic Equation

Posted: April 11, 2014 2:46 PM by Palehorse

Kenny:so, when i was "researching" (stalking) this job i want last night...
Kenny:i found that a "senior IT architect" there is a familiar name
Kenny:finally i remembered it was a guy from EFNet that i used to talk to
Kenny:from #oregon, back in 2005 when i first moved to pdx
Kenny:i even remember going to his house once, he gave me a NIC
palehorse:heh, small world
Kenny:anyway i thought ok, that's cool, he may not remember me but it coul come in handy if i go for an in-person interview
Kenny:then i realized i had chat logs
Kenny:so i looked at them... and i was kind of an asshole to him heh
Kenny:so maybe i shouldn't mention it :/
Kenny:i even gave him a shell
Kenny:and he gave me a shell
Kenny:he wanted to hang out but i thought he was weird
Kenny:well, obviously he went places
Kenny:during my "research" i found his flickr and he has a really nice house
Kenny:maybe i will just mention that i use EFNet
Kenny:should be enough to score some points, knowing that he used to as well
Kenny:or even irc
Kenny:and not that i know his nick, and that we chatted. although it would be nice to say "i gave you a shell"
Kenny:but at that point he will try to remember me specifically and i am afraid at what he may remember :P
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