Pot Roast

Posted: August 16, 2012 10:25 AM by Jon

Jon: yeah, Street Fare! You going?
Kenny: yeah
Jon: "role model" jeez.
Kenny: street fare under the 100F sun
Jon: yeah, no doubt!
Jon: don't die
Kenny: dead guy ale back @ costco $26/case
Kenny: i think i'm going to pre-func w/ that
Kenny: gonna prep a pot roast at lunch time, so after street fare i come home drunk as f**k to pot roast
Kenny: that's living the dream my friend
Kenny: fyi i can WALK to DB from my apartment, tyvm
Jon: LOL
Jon: dude, living the dream would be coming back home to a woman, not pot roast.
Jon: Or pot roast AND a woman.
Kenny: s**t
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