Mother Tucker

Posted: August 01, 2014 2:01 PM by Jon

Kenny: i wnated to wear this shirt today that was too long and imo needed to be tucked in
Kenny: but no one here tucks in
Kenny: so i wore it un-tucked (jeans) but then i got paranoid so on my walk back from lunch i decided to tuck in half of it
Kenny: sort of like so it looks accidental
Kenny: and unkempt
Kenny: yet not too long
Kenny: so anyway as i get close to my office i saw one of the chuckleheads from the architecture firm the bulgarians share an office with
Kenny: he had headphones on, but still decided he needed to communicate, "SHIRT-- SHIRT'S GETTING UNTUCKED"
Kenny: so that backfired
Kenny: who tucks into jeans anyway?
Jon: apparently you?
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