Posted: August 15, 2012 2:45 PM by Dvan

Kenny: yo, when someone drives into an intersectino in heavy traffic, and they can't get out before the light turns red, aren't you supposed to honk?
Dvan: hah I do
Kenny: yea yea ok check it, im leaving NW to go to costco, comin downhill south on 19th, going to cross burnside to catch 26 onramp near jefferson/goose hollow
Dvan: k
Kenny: i have a green light to cross burnside but the chick crossing 19th, going along burnside, was in the middle of the intersection
Kenny: blocking MOST of mine lane and ALL of the opposite line
Kenny: keep in mind i'm coming downhill (going fast)
Kenny: so i'm heading right towards her and i lay it on man
Dvan: heheh
Kenny: so she looks to her left and THINKS SHE'S GOING TO DIE
Kenny: this look on her face, DAMN
Kenny: i scared the s**t out of her
Dvan: yea i bet
Kenny: then i swerved around
Kenny: now, i had control the whole time, i think it was safe, fortunately there was room for me to get around
Dvan: yeah
Kenny: but then i felt bad for honking beecause really i think she could have died just form the heart attack
Kenny: but i figured doesn't everyone do that? so ok i think i'm good
Dvan: hahahah
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