Posted: September 26, 2014 3:23 PM by Jon

Kenny: going to NYC too
Jon: wow
Kenny: never been
Jon: you movin' on up
Kenny: bought new walking shoes
Kenny: but they will probably kick me out of the nice bars for sneakers
Kenny: hmm
Kenny: need a crushable blazer
Jon: yeah, you need to drop like 2 Gs on new clothes just for NYC
Kenny: yeayea
Kenny: got a NYC haircut today
Kenny: long on the top and short on the sides
Kenny: and a $22 palmade
Kenny: pomade
Kenny: w/e
Jon: isn't that a Macklemore cut?
Kenny: ah, yep
Jon: he's from Seattle
Kenny: been there; done that
Kenny: time square
Jon: huh. Apparently a New York haircut is a thing.
Kenny: brook lynnbridge
Kenny: 30 rawk
Kenny: metropolican op'ra
Jon: if you don't visit the 9/11 memorial you're not a real American
Kenny: oh right
Kenny: i will try to sneak in
Jon: Yeah THAT's how you should do
Jon: you still got the beard?
Kenny: yes
Kenny: i made sure to get a haircut compatible with it
Jon: then don't try to sneak into 9/11 Memorial there, TALIBAN
Kenny: allah allah jiahahah
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