Special Needs

Posted: January 28, 2015 3:18 PM by Dvan

Kenny: I got lots of freeze dried meals from Cabelas on brack friday
Kenny: for my zombie go-bag
Dvan: there u go
Dvan: kennysurvivalkit
Kenny: and, now I got a can opener I can actually use
Kenny: for years I struggle
Kenny: sawing open tin cylinders of vegetable staples
Kenny: poking holes one at a time around the edge of the can, eventually allowing me to bend the metal with pliers to dispense the contents
Kenny: until my gf bought me - The Left Handed Person's Can Opener
Kenny: her sentiment? "I felt bad for getting frustrated at you that time we were trying to make chili. I now realize that you just have special needs."
Kenny: thus I look forward to enjoying corn and tuna during the zombiepocalypse
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