R.I.P. Calculator

Posted: February 11, 2015 2:01 PM by Palehorse

(Discussion about Windows 10)
Kenny:one really annoying new feature...
Kenny:when you drag a window to the screen edge to make it automatically snap to half the screen...
Kenny:...on the opposite side, it automatically makes thumbnails of your running apps
Kenny:presumably, for you to click on, to select the app that should then size to the remainder of the screen
Kenny:I do not like that
Kenny:i.e. if I have a segment of a window in the remaining space on the left side, after I snap a window to the right, I want it to stay that way
palehorse:what if you snap it with your window+arrow key?
Kenny:I don't want Windows to "suggest" what I do with it
Kenny:f**k it does the same s**t
palehorse:it's the paperclip all over again
Kenny:oh also, CALCULATOR is bloated now!!!!!!
Kenny:it takes like 4 seconds to start
palehorse:really? that's like always been one of the light apps
Kenny:RIP calc.exe
Kenny:as we knew it
Kenny:and... it just seems slower
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