Posted: May 21, 2015 12:24 PM by Dvan

Kenny: I signed up for a sensory deprivation chamber thursday
Kenny: 90 minutes for $35
Dvan: uhm
Kenny: gonna get all spiritual
Dvan: so they take your phone away and put you in a padded room?
Kenny: although I think I have to change my cat's s**tbox aftre
Dvan: sounds like prison
Kenny: no, it's a floater
Kenny: float box
Dvan: wat
Kenny: hmm
Dvan: "floater"?
Dvan: ???
Dvan: ????????????????
Kenny: float tank
Kenny: http://www.floatshoppe.com/fs/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Float-Shoppe-009-600x400.jpg
Dvan: lol looks like a litter box.
Dvan: ........
Kenny: http://www.floatshoppe.com/float-tanks/floataway-tranquility/
Kenny: that's the one I sgined up for
Kenny: they say not to do drugs beforehand
Dvan: Is this along the lines of that gal who cuddles for a living??
Kenny: we shall see
Dvan: lol yeah don't do drugs before
Kenny: they say I might need to spend some time in their lobby before re-introducing myself to the world
Kenny: because it will be shocking
Dvan: wow that sounds very new-agey
Dvan: Make sure your chakra's are aligned before you go in and leave the chamber.
Dvan: bring your crystals!
Kenny: yea
Dvan: So do you just float in the water by yourself or do you sit on something?
Dvan: Skeptical Dvan is skeptical.
Dvan: But I guess you can't go wrong at $35.
Dvan: Whatever *floats* your boat. :D
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