Playing at the urinal??

Posted: February 02, 2016 3:43 PM by Dvan

Kenny: can someone please explain to me, how TP gets in the urinal
Dvan: uhh been wondering the same thing
Kenny: when I see it at Fred Meyer, etc, I just assume some psycho bum was in there messing around
Dvan: Oh yeah, prolly
Kenny: but since it apparently happens at work...
Dvan: heh
Kenny: there isn't even TP in arm's length
Kenny: I do play this game though, there is the usual exposed valve pipe part of the urinal...
Kenny: there is a really nice, heavy, shiny, chrome valve cover
Kenny: I always unscrew it a lot, not so it falls off
Dvan: LOL
Dvan: troll
Kenny: you can't tell by looking at it.... yet somehow, it's always tight again within a day or so
Dvan: haha
Dvan: someone is OCD and tightens it up?
Kenny: yeah there is really not much else to "play" with while standing there, so I assume someone else has found it a toy too
Dvan: Uhh yeah you better not be playing with anything else standing there. :/
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Aannnd we're back finally with another IM from Kenny. WTF Kenny??

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