Posted: September 13, 2012 4:20 PM by Dvan

Kenny: man last night some idiot vommed at this party but the weird part is today i keep smelling phantom puke
Kenny: YEAH i know it can't be real because i showered and these are fresh clothes and my office has a regular cleaning crew
Kenny: so traumatic
Kenny: all the other dudes were trying to analyze what he ate
Kenny: i mean it's not hard, it's all right there on the walk
Dvan: eww
Kenny: makes it hard to get a taxi, i even offered the cabbie a $20 tip
Kenny: he thought about it for a few min and drove off
Kenny: smart guy i guess
Kenny: anyway it was the first time hanging out with this dude in 6 years. I'll wait another 6, I think
Dvan: hehe
Dvan: PTSD?
Kenny: PTPD
Dvan: lol
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