Bomb Threat

Posted: September 17, 2012 10:10 AM by Dvan

Kenny: I was throwing my credit card at my monitor during the iPhone 5 unveiling
Dvan: lol
Kenny: nothing was happeningtho
Dvan: did you pre-order in time?
Kenny: NO i'm pissed
Dvan: aww
Kenny: i drank too much friggin wine and fell asleep
Dvan: you're SOL
Kenny: no, i can wait in line now
Dvan: will you get one if you do?
Dvan: enough in stock?
Kenny: ok yo, this week i'm going to go to Pioneer Place mall and case the joint
Kenny: I might even go up to security and ask which doors they unlock first in the morning
Kenny: hopefully they don't find it suspicious
Dvan: heh
Kenny: I am leaning towards the food court entry, BUT I think the line forms to the south
Kenny: so that means I would have to walk the length of the line to get in it, instead of arriving immediately @ the end of the line
Kenny: which would be the 4th and morrison entrance
Kenny: Hmmmm
Kenny: u wanna call in a b*mb threat for me?
Dvan: wow yeah, suspicious!
Kenny: but jsut be like "I promise I won't blow up any inventory"
Dvan: I heard that people are getting in line TODAY
Kenny: CRAP
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