Next in line

Posted: September 19, 2012 11:00 AM by Jon

Kenny: hopefully someday i get my boss's job yes
Kenny: IT manager
Kenny: then i am going to rock the house
Kenny: he's worked here for 15 years tho so I might have to kill him
Kenny: he has a big tank of NOS in his car and I am aware of how volatile the contents are
Kenny: ...
Jon: why does he drive around with a tank of NOS though?
Kenny: cuz it makes his car fastwhen he pushes a certain button
Jon: um
Kenny: he drives a BMW with the license plate INVAIN
Kenny: hmm, he must die.
Jon: that dude has a problem
Kenny: yeah he brought a dagger to work one day
Kenny: but all he ended up doing w/ it was opening CDW boxes
Kenny: sometimes he wears funny hats
Kenny: everything on his desk is red and/or black
Kenny: the kind of women that he is attracted to, he describes as a "hot mess"
Kenny: he likes them best when they're psycho
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