Posted: January 14, 2013 3:10 PM by Dvan

Kenny: decided i'm gonna grow my beard like ben affleck in Argo
Kenny: it's pretty 70's BA
Kenny: also decided i'm going to try and start main stream usage of the term BA
Kenny: as long as the context doesn't have to do with higher education or argentina it should be clear what i'm saying
Dvan: LOL nice
Dvan: BAK
Dvan: Bad Ass Kenny
Kenny: just wait until i get my Sig Sauer P229
Kenny: I been practicing in Counterstrike
Kenny: also setting up surveillance cams around my house
Kenny: planning on stocking up on MRE's
Kenny: there's a flu epidemic going on in all but 3 states
Kenny: it's showtime
Dvan: wow. a little much?
Kenny: No I've seen The Stand and 28 Day Later I know what can happen
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